Friday, February 6, 2009

Depotted NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils ... WHAAAA?!

One day while watching a makeup tutorial on youchoob, I noticed that the girl that was conducting the tutorial used one of her NYX jumbo eye pencils, but it was in a pot. So I searched how she got it that way. Low and behold, you can de-pot your JEPs! I linked my bff the vid and she wanted to check Michael's Crafts for the 5 gram plastic jars. We couldn't find any but instead we found a pack of 15 plastic containers in the paint aisle.

Strawberry Milk close-up

top: Strawberry Milk
bottom: Gold, Pacific, French Fries

Black Bean, Cherry, Lemon

How awesome is that?!


Ms GiLiNG said...

Cool! How long did it take to do 1?

adriana said...

how did you do that???