Friday, February 6, 2009

Random FOTDs

Smokey green look I did for the last night my niece and her husband were in town.

My New Year's Eve look. Again, another smokey. I believe this one was brown.


Anonymous said...

Heya! Nice blog! It looks nice on you. You gotta teach me how to do smokey eye & stuff :( I'm having a terrible time. I even have trouble getting it a simple layer & stuff.

Iyah said...

Pretty Look! <3 I cannot wait for you to get your HK stuff too! Yay! I'm going back to get 2 more lippies I think? :p

Ms GiLiNG said...

lol it's cool!
i was like 30 mins for 1 ? whoa!
hehe, I might try it one of these days. thank u! ^_^

love the photos *

fuzkittie said...

Hi cutie! Thank you for following my blog! Nice to meet you~~

Iyah said...

OMG! The depotted NYX is too cool! LOL! Too bad I'm selling mine. :p

Oh the CCO near my place is the best CCO Ive been to!! They always have new stuff! A Lot of stuff! Haha! And brushes!! Too many brushes :D

Iyah said...

NOOOO.. you are pretty and not taba :) You look very cute! :D