Saturday, July 25, 2009


Check out for two new clips from the upcoming movie "New Moon". You will wet your panties. Trust. Lol is November here yet?!

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lakewood, Seattle & Forks, WA *PICTURE HEAVY*

I visited my niece and her husband in WA a couple of weeks ago since it's been a while since we've seen them. Her husband's in the Air Force and stationed up there. So four of my friends, including Lorraine and I, booked our flight for the 25th of June. It was a sad day to fly since both Farrah Fawcett and MJ passed away. Unfortunately as I said in my last post, I lost all my pictures. On the bright side, our friend brought his d-slr and there were other cameras on the trip.

on the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle

I don't know. It was my first time on a boat? lol

almost there!

Seattle skyline

group shot. the person taking the pic was my niece's husband

@ Miner's Landing

@ Elliot's

LOL apparently, this was the name of the square. Get yo mind outta the guttah!

Can you spot us?

On our way to the Space Needle, there were a bunch of messages to Michael Jackson written on the pavement in different colored chalk. We wanted to write our goodbye wishes.

in the elevator up the Space Needle
After buying souvenirs, we headed to downtown Seattle where we shopped a little. I bought the head band you see me wearing in this pic. We were super tired.

The next day, we decided to just chill at the apartment and swim. Didn't really do much to be honest. After swimming, we all got ready to go clubbing. The place we went to is called Trinity. If you're ever in the Seattle area, go there! They play all types of different dance music. And I believe we were all drunk lol.

Tanned a little, but it's uneven -_-

If you're a Twilight fan, you know very well where the story takes place. I could not visit Washington and not go to Forks! We've been talking about visiting the town for so long that Lorraine, Jessa and I were so freakin pumped to leave! The girls and I drove from my niece's place around 11am and arrived at Forks around 2:30pm. The drive to Forks is very scenic and very beautiful. I was getting dizzy from all the extra oxygen because of all the trees that surrounded the highway.

On your way to Forks, you literally pass through Port Angeles. It's a cute small town. This is where Edward and Bella had their first date. We wanted to have dinner here, but reservations were booked for the night =(

What you see inside the Chamber of Commerce

Bella's truck

Forks High School

The sign at the Cullen House. It's actually a running bed & breakfast inn.

birthday cards for Edward

Look who's home!

It's the Cullens! The actors from the Hillywood Show on youtube. They were so nice and sweet. And the girls really look like Alice and Bella. Well, they all look like the characters. This honestly made our day lol.

inside Dazzled by Twilight. So many bumper stickers!

outside of the store


heading down to First beach. OMG, it really is beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice.

We went back to Seattle to visit Pike's place and I forgot where we had dinner lol. We had to leave the next day so we had lunch at Happy Teriyaki. I really miss that place lol. I wanna go back!

waiting in line to check-in

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Los Angeles road trip

I'm finally putting up my LA/IMATS post. We left San Jose around 5:30AM since the youngins were so excited to leave. Arrived at Pico Rivera around noon and chilled until we had to get ready to pick Alvin up from LAX and go to Rage.

Gee taking a pic while I'm getting my hair straightened by Lorraine.

About to get my hair teased like crazy by Gee.

I wish my hair was like hers =T. Jessica (Gee) and I. She's Lorraine's younger sister.

Gee looking super cute!

Mel (their cousin), me, Lorraine and Jessica

Bestie & me. She is, hands down, a jack of all trades. She does hair, makeup and nails. Love her!

Damnit, everyone is still taller than me. Even in my stillettos =(

I'm not gonna lie. Mel gave me a piece of a cookie and before we left for LAX, I was GOOOOOOONNNEEEEE!

I thought I was one of Charlie's Angels with my outfit. I don't know. Don't judge me lol.

Shot time! SoCo & fruit punch CapriSun hahaha

RAGE Restaurant and Bar. This club was freakin packed to the max! Gay boys were sweating up a storm and I felt a couple of them on mah back. Eh.

Alvin's in the mix!

Besties <3 I guess the oldies wore black lol

Mel & I were happy haha

Super happy

Where the heel am I looking at?!

I don't remember taking this picture...

OMG you can tell I'm gone lol. I tried so hard not to look stuck, but it didn't work. No more cookies!

Lorraine said he thought she was taking a picture hahaha. Who is this foo?

They were giving them out. So I figured I'd get one. This foo smelled like cannibus straight up.

The next day, we had Subway for brunch. OMG Lorraine and I were so excited to go to IMATS. We've been waiting for three months and the day finally arrived.

What you see when you walk in

Maxi from Blush

I should've bought more brushes

IYAH! I finally got to meet her! I'm sad that I missed everyone else. She's so pretty. And taller than me. Damnit lol.

After IMATS, we decided to hit up Hollywood Boulevard for shopping and sightseeing. I bought a couple of things from American Apparel, H&M, and the Disney store.

No, I don't look like a tourist.

Imma light you up!

So that's my trip to SoCal. I had pictures, but when I visited Washington last week, they accidentally got deleted somehow. Stupid memory card. So I'm starting from scratch with my pictures lol. At least there was more than one camera on both trips. I'll do my WA post in a bit. Thanks for reading!