Sunday, November 23, 2008

TWILIGHT: Midnight Showing

Of course, I had to see Twilight the second it came out. I pre-ordered tickets for myself and a couple of friends. OMG the line for our showtime started to form at 7PM and it wasn't going to start until 12:05AM.

Marlon, my ading Vina, and I chillin in line

BJ & Lorraine

Vina & I again

Lorraine and I with our Twilight shirts

What the back of our shirts look like

Whatchu know?!

The only person that's not pictured is my boyfriend. He arrived after he got off of work.

Saturday, November 15, 2008


I told myself I would try to religiously update. I also told myself that I would do it tomorrow. Then the next day. Then the day after that. So I basically lagged lol. I apologize.

Like Ms. Kimberly Tia, I am in no way a makeup artist. It's been a year and a few months since I've hooked myself into makeup and I'm sad to say that I'm still learning looks, techniques, etc. By posting my "looks", I'm just showcasing my lack of skills lol. I'm practicing, yo!

I did this look for my very first San Jose Sharks hockey game. I was wondering how to get the right shade of teal, so I used Rimmel's Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Denim Blue for the base and Milani's Atlantis. I built up the color and got the color I wanted. Yay for experimenting!

I'm loving my furry hat! (don't worry, it's faux). I used my newly acquired MAC e/s in Bottle Green. It's such a pretty color <3

That's it so far for my eye looks. Hopefully, I'll get better at applying makeup. I've been practicing with my boyfriend's sister since we go out a lot and she always asks me to do her makeup. She likes neutral looks, but I'm slowly convincing her to do colors haha. But for now, I try to do subtle smokey eyes for her.

Oh, and BTW, TWILIGHT comes out this Friday! Eeeeeeeeeek! I am super essited. I purchased the tickets already and I'm planning on buying the Cullen baseball tee for Thursday night. Yay Twilight!

Okay sorry about that. How old am I again?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Halloween 2008

October is such a hectic month for me. I know a handful of people that have birthdays in October, and one of them happens to be one of my besties: Lorraine. Her birthday is on the 28th, so she usually hosts a birthday/Halloween party. Every year we had a theme. This year's theme was vampires, except we'd be going out to the clubs rather than have a house party.

I decided to be one of the Cullens for this particular theme, although I didn't stay true to the book. In the Twilight universe, vampires don't have fangs. It makes it all the more scarier when they bite you and suck your blood. For the Cullen family, they consider themselves "vegetarian" since they don't drink human blood. That's also why their eyes are liquid gold or topaz. But when they're hungry, their eyes are black.

We went out twice for Lorraine's bday. First was Fuz. It's a gay club event that happens twice a month. I wanted to test out my vampire look. All I can say is, "What was I thinking?!"

For Halloween night, I decided to skip out on the red lipstick and used concealer under my eyes. I figured I wanted to be a pretty vampire lol.

Products used for Fuz:

- HIP eyeshadow duo in Magnetic
- NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Black Bean
- MAC eyeshadow in Hepcat
- HIP Cream Liner in Black
- L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic mascara
- Maybelline Mousse foundation
- N.Y.C. Loose Powder
- N.Y.C. lipstick in Retro Red

Products used for Halloween:

- MAC Paint in Bare Canvas
- MAC eyeshadow in Hepcat
- MAC eyeshadow in Carbon
- HIP Cream Liner in Black
- L'Oreal Carbon Black Telescopic mascara
- Maybelline Mousse foundation
- Rimmel lipgloss in Essential

Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween =)


I apologize for not keeping up with this blog. I somewhat keep forgetting I have this since I'm always checking on Xanga, but then again, I don't update my xanga either.

November is finally upon us. I've been waiting for this month ever since May. Not just because it means the holidays are just around the corner, but because Twilight the movie will finally hit theaters on the 21st! If Warner Bros. had not decided to push Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to next July, then I would've had to wait for Twilight to come out in December. And Lord knows I can wait no longer.

I was able to hook one of my bests into getting obsessed with the saga lol. She's now a "Twilighter" like me. I recently purchased the 2009 calendar, Eclipse in hardcover, Twilight in paperback/mass market, Twilight: The Complete Illustrated Movie Companion, an Edward bookmark, and I also pre-ordered the soundtrack on iTunes, but right now, iTunes is pissing me off.

I also received an email from Hot Topic with the details of the Twilight Cast tour. Unfortunately, I would need to purchase the Twilight Tour tee in order to receive a wristband for access into the store. And I also have to be one of the first 500 customers to do so, in person, at the specific location, which is in SF. It's not so bad, but since I haven't received a time frame for Robert Pattinson's appearance, I would need to drive to SF in the morning when the mall opens. Eck. I can't bring a camera either. That sucks! I'm still going to anyways haha.

So far, my blog has been covering Twilight and everything related to it. I have purchased makeup products and I'll keep y'all updated with my youtube videos, as soon as I know how to spice up my blog lol. I'm new to blogger so bare with me.