Sunday, November 23, 2008

TWILIGHT: Midnight Showing

Of course, I had to see Twilight the second it came out. I pre-ordered tickets for myself and a couple of friends. OMG the line for our showtime started to form at 7PM and it wasn't going to start until 12:05AM.

Marlon, my ading Vina, and I chillin in line

BJ & Lorraine

Vina & I again

Lorraine and I with our Twilight shirts

What the back of our shirts look like

Whatchu know?!

The only person that's not pictured is my boyfriend. He arrived after he got off of work.

1 comment:

the girl with lots of nicknames said...

WHOA! you're a big fan of twilight, yea?
I watched the premiere too here in Indonesia. my post here

I haven't read the book but I think I will soon. books are pretty pricey here in Indonesia, international novels, especially. bummer :(

take care, doll. :)