Wednesday, December 3, 2008


Gah! I am so late on this post. Sumimasen -bows-

Thanksgiving was awesome. I ate so much at my bf's aunt's house. Drank a little bit since they made margaritas (YUM!). We waited an hour to digest our food before heading to my grandma's place. I brought the biscuits I made and this time, I made sure I put cheese in there. Now they want them for Christmas again. We went back to his aunt's house to pick names for the Secret Santa his family does every year. I got an easy one bwahaha! Got home way before midnight to try to shop online. My bf bought an ergonomic keyboard and I, surprisingly, bought nothing.

Slept in for Black Friday. I'm pretty surprised I didn't go this year. But then again, I'm happy with myself lol. That means more money for gifts, which I'm not done with yet =X.

I love/hate money. Like, forreal.

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