Thursday, August 7, 2008

Breaking Dawn

You must know about the Twilight phenomenon that has hit the internet starting in early Spring. I should have read the book back when it came out in 2003, but I was engulfed with other things, which actually escape my mind at the moment lol. Jason re-introduced me to the book earlier this year and BAM! I was in love all over again. Or was it more like obsessed?...

Once I finished the book in a couple of days, I breezed through New Moon and I wanted to start Eclipse so bad, but I realized that Breaking Dawn wouldn't come out until early August, so I savored every single word while reading the third book.

I bought Breaking Dawn on the third day of its release and I was eager to rush home and read through the night. But as I was reading into the third chapter, I realized this book was definitely going to be different from all the rest. I should've known, it's freakin' Stephenie Meyer writing it!

So now with all the new developments in the story so far, the biggest change I've read in a person is Bella. I feel that the changes that occurred with her were so surreal. I can only see her in a different light.

I still have the second half of the book to finish, so once I do, I'll write more of an intricate review.