Thursday, January 28, 2010

Vegas, Betch!

It's already the end of January O_O. Where the hell did the time go!? I will ask this question numerous times throughout the upcoming months. I'm pretty sure you will too lol.

Just wanted to share my 3rd experience in Vegas. This time around, my niece and her husband were able to join us. The reason we went is because he's bound to be deployed anytime this year and they've never been to Vegas together. Here's a quick recap in pictures.

Stayed at the Rio and ate at the World Buffet once we arrived. You know you have to hit up a buffet at least once while you're in Vegas. We hit up two lol. The second one was the seafood buffet.

Friday Night: Girls/Gay Night Out!

We went to Krave Nightclub. It was hella fun and my niece kept screaming and wanting to take pictures with all the gogo dancers. What a noob haha.

My outfit for the night. You can't see my cute Steve Madden booties =T

My niece, Jessa, and I. She's the one that lives in WA.

BFF Lorraine on the right. Our theme was sequins

The Besties
That's Kristi on the right. We all go way back =)

One of the best GoGo dancers. This bitch was doing flips and shit! And they were fluid. Like he was housing in mid-air haha. I like how my face is next to his mussy. That's man-pussy for ya.

Saturday: Serendipity & Strrrrrrip Clubbbbbb

Jason and I in front of The Forum Shoppes

All 11 of us in front of Serendipity. I can go for a Hangover omelette right about now.

Jason and I in the Rio suite. That's Gold Coast in the bg. Dude. That hotel is scary -_-

inside the stretch Escalade limo. Wish we weren't scammed =( We were all druuuuunk though...

Ladies section of Sapphire Club. This was our first time at a strip club! Some of the guys were cute. We only had half an hour in there, so we went to the Guys section to find our men. We ended up staying an hour getting motorboated hahahaha. Yeah.

Sunday: Rio Seafood Buffet & The Bank

watching the Sirens show in front of Treasure Island

We always end up coordinating haha.

The Bank Nightclub @ Bellagio
Place was friggin' packed on a Sunday night. We left early since some of us had flights in the morning.

It's always a blast going to Vegas and mobbing everywhere we go. I'll be hitting up Vegas again in June with only titties and vajays for my girl's bachelorette porty. Can't wait for that shit! In the meantime, I'll be doing my best to save money and lose the weight I want to.

If anyone has any suggestions for exercising or healthy food recipes, please let me know. It's very hard for me to diet because I really love eating and cooking food. Help a shorty out!

Sorry for the somewhat random ass post =T

'Til my next adventure!

Friday, January 1, 2010

2010: The Year for Change

HAPPY NEW YEAR, EVERYONE! I hope all of you had a great time ringing in the new year with loved ones.

I have so many resolutions this year. One of them is keeping up with this blog. I've somehow forgotten I have the option to write out my emotions. I kept a lot of my emotions bottled up last year and that's another thing I need to change. Man, I'm gonna be working hard this year lol.

So here's to an improved me. I know I can't completely change who I am, but I can definitely work on the bad habits that I've collected along the way.

I'll try to post pics from the various parties I attended last night. Gotta collect them on FB, nawmsayin'?