Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Los Angeles road trip

I'm finally putting up my LA/IMATS post. We left San Jose around 5:30AM since the youngins were so excited to leave. Arrived at Pico Rivera around noon and chilled until we had to get ready to pick Alvin up from LAX and go to Rage.

Gee taking a pic while I'm getting my hair straightened by Lorraine.

About to get my hair teased like crazy by Gee.

I wish my hair was like hers =T. Jessica (Gee) and I. She's Lorraine's younger sister.

Gee looking super cute!

Mel (their cousin), me, Lorraine and Jessica

Bestie & me. She is, hands down, a jack of all trades. She does hair, makeup and nails. Love her!

Damnit, everyone is still taller than me. Even in my stillettos =(

I'm not gonna lie. Mel gave me a piece of a cookie and before we left for LAX, I was GOOOOOOONNNEEEEE!

I thought I was one of Charlie's Angels with my outfit. I don't know. Don't judge me lol.

Shot time! SoCo & fruit punch CapriSun hahaha

RAGE Restaurant and Bar. This club was freakin packed to the max! Gay boys were sweating up a storm and I felt a couple of them on mah back. Eh.

Alvin's in the mix!

Besties <3 I guess the oldies wore black lol

Mel & I were happy haha

Super happy

Where the heel am I looking at?!

I don't remember taking this picture...

OMG you can tell I'm gone lol. I tried so hard not to look stuck, but it didn't work. No more cookies!

Lorraine said he thought she was taking a picture hahaha. Who is this foo?

They were giving them out. So I figured I'd get one. This foo smelled like cannibus straight up.

The next day, we had Subway for brunch. OMG Lorraine and I were so excited to go to IMATS. We've been waiting for three months and the day finally arrived.

What you see when you walk in

Maxi from Blush

I should've bought more brushes

IYAH! I finally got to meet her! I'm sad that I missed everyone else. She's so pretty. And taller than me. Damnit lol.

After IMATS, we decided to hit up Hollywood Boulevard for shopping and sightseeing. I bought a couple of things from American Apparel, H&M, and the Disney store.

No, I don't look like a tourist.

Imma light you up!

So that's my trip to SoCal. I had pictures, but when I visited Washington last week, they accidentally got deleted somehow. Stupid memory card. So I'm starting from scratch with my pictures lol. At least there was more than one camera on both trips. I'll do my WA post in a bit. Thanks for reading!


fuzkittie said...

You all look so beautiful!! :D How fun!

mszcheysser said...

Wow :) Everyone looks so pretty, all dressed up with their gorgeous hair and outfits. You look like, you had alot of fun! Luccccky! You got to meet Iyah.

KRYSTAL said...

wow love the pics! everyone looks so pretty and dolled up!