Thursday, February 26, 2009

RuPaul's Drag Race/MAC VIVA GLAM Challenge

Aside from Blush being one of my favorite makeup competition shows (on Bravo, I think...), I recently found another one:

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It's basically a competition to find America's next Drag Queen Superstar by having the contestants participate in weekly challenges.

This week's challenge was the MAC/VIVA GLAM CHALLENGE where contestants needed to film a commercial promoting MAC/VIVA GLAM and the purpose of it. We all know that 100% of the proceeds from MAC/VIVA GLAM go towards the MAC AIDS Fund and AIDS/HIV Awareness. I actually didn't know RuPaul was the first spokesmodel for MAC VIVA GLAM. With that said, the winner of the challenge was Ryan Ong Palao aka Ongina.

Ongina with MAC AIDS Fund Executive Director Nancy Mahon

Ongina's commercial was about celebrating life and the judges found that very true. After hearing the announcement, Ongina broke into tears with the judges wondering why she was crying. She confessed she was living with aids for the past two years. She was afraid to say anything, especially on national tv, but since she won, Ongina decided the world needed to know. She also confessed that her parents were also in the dark with her disease.

RuPaul called Ongina an inspiration for her courage. She is exactly that.

This episode touched my heart. Two of my best friends are gay and if either one suddenly contracted something somehow and was scared to say anything due to peoples' judgements, I would want him to come to me for the love and support he needs.

And that also goes out to anyone I know. I'm always here if you need an ear, a shoulder, anything.

For more information about MAC VIVA GLAM or the MAC AIDS Fund, go here.

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